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About our Academics
At BridgePrep Academy of Hollywood Hills every student has two teacher specialists, an English Language Arts & Social Studies teacher and a Science, Technology, Engineering & Math teacher. This allows teachers to target their planning to their specialty. In these classes we use a data driven, differentiated curriculum that strives to be hands on and engaging. Students are active learners and teachers guide their learning. Together with the student the teacher set and meet learning goals. Every student gets his or her own Learning Plan which highlights their strengths and identifies target areas for instruction. This is based first on baseline data and then on classwork and observations by the teacher. Parents receive weekly emails with important class and school information. Parents are asked to stay continually stay involved through the use of our online grading system, Sycamore Education, that is used to communicate grades, homework assignments, and important instructional documents. As per feedback from our SACS Accreditation visit our school is "a student centered environment where students are engaged learners".